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Dock 7 Materials Group, LLC is a global import/export business dealing in plastic scrap, e-scrap, and commodities. Our primary export materials include PET, LDPE, HDPE, ABS, and more. Dock 7 Materials Group manages the entire import/export process from loading to delivery. Our customers feel confident knowing that we have the technical expertise in the materials we sell and the experience to arrange both small and large shipments.

With a presence in New Jersey, Los Angeles, and Hong Kong, Dock 7 Materials Group is located at the hubs of global trade. For more information on on our materials for export or about the company, please click on the links above.


Our Strength Comes From The Relationships We Have Developed

In the difficult world of scrap and international trade, Dock 7 Materials Group has built a trustworthy reputation with its customers and suppliers. An extensive network of direct end-use buyers, which includes countries in Southeast Asia as well as China, allows us to be competitive in most markets. This enables us to provide strong offers and terms to our suppliers, whether it's a recycler or a material recovery facility.




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